IPF strikes again

Conservationist and “Jaws” author Peter Benchley has died at age 65 of pulmonary fibrosis. Article here. It always makes me uncomfortable and a bit nervous to know when this fucking disease has claimed another person, but at the same time I get angry and determined. If anyone is gonna beat this shit, it’s gonna be me.

2 Responses to “IPF strikes again”

  1. LungFung says:

    …and ME!

    (Don’t forget me!)

    I too heard the sad news. It scared me. I hate it when I think about it. I get butterflys and feel woozy. It’s like a punch in the stomach.

  2. Mr. Toast says:

    Whoop, sorry. Yes, and YOU TOO!! The timing is right for a medical breakthrough, and we’re going to make history as the first generation of IPF survivors. I can feel it. Never give up!!

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