Quote of the day

“She has stepped into the only place in America where her breasts have no power.”

-Dahlia Lethwick, writing in Slate about Anna Nicole Smith’s appearance in the halls of the Supreme Court, which is to decide her landmark litigation seeking millions of dollars from her late husband’s estate. Read article here.


3 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. April says:

    hee hee hee.. she’s gross.

  2. LungFung says:

    Damn those Demon DDD’s!!!

    Look out for Hoot’s McGee! She’ll put your eye out!!!

  3. Mr. Toast says:

    Anyone who doesn’t see that she took this guy for the meal ticket of her life is either naive or delusional, and the fact that this case has reached all the way to the highest court in the nation is simultaneously hilarious and disturbing. A spokesman for Marshall’s family described Anna’s appearance before the Supreme Court this week as follows:

    “We’ll see Anna the nun, looking very dignified, and as long as she doesn’t open her mouth they’ll do fine. But as soon as she opens her mouth, everybody will see basically what she is, which is trailer-park trash.”

    Which, to be fair, is not entirely accurate: he forgot to add “gold-digging skank ho”.

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