Friends for life

It’s Catblogging Friday again, so here’s wishing everyone a great day and a pleasant weekend to come. Today’s photo features Callie & Tiger in a sweet display of sibling closeness. There’s a special life-long bond between litter mates, as you can see below:

Sure, they may piss each other off now and then — much like even human brothers and sisters do — but they still love each other. Callie in particular has a very affectionate nature about her, even when she’s giving me the ol’ hairy eyeball like this:

If you like cute cat pictures, you’ll enjoy the Carnival of the Cats, hosted this week by Scribblings. Surf on over for some warm fuzzies starting Sunday evening.

One Response to “Friends for life”

  1. DEBRA says:

    Callie & Tiger look so contented with each other. It’s wonderful to see that closeness.

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