Three Mouse-kateers

Happy CatBlogging Friday, and a very special welcome to Carnival of the Cats readers. Today I’d like to re-introduce my feline family to you; click the photo for a bigger view.

These guys definitely keep me on my toes! To meet more cute kitties, check out this week’s Carnival, which can be found at Gigolo Kitty beginning Sunday evening. G.K. is one of the more creative catblogs out there, and his adventurous life of reaching for “Cheap Love, Tawdry Fame, and Easy Money” is well worth a look — check it out. Have a great weekend, y’all.

One Response to “Three Mouse-kateers”

  1. Meander says:

    ooh they are all so pretty! do they all get along with one another?

    Hi Meander, thanks for stopping by! Yes, they get along very well. Callie and Tiger are siblings so they have a natural closeness, and Fuzzy … well, we call him the Little Cannonball. He doesn’t so much walk into a room as he propels himself into it, bowling over anything that gets in his way including the other two cats. It’s funny to watch, but they all seem to like each other. You need to post pictures of your cat too!

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