I knew it!

Your Inner European is Dutch!
Open minded and tolerant.
You’re up for just about anything.
Who’s Your Inner European?
And what a coincidence…here I am:

Kom mijn vriend, sluit me aan bij me bij koffeeshop voor één of ander rook, wijn, en goed gesprek. Ja!

5 Responses to “I knew it!”

  1. Janelle says:

    OMG!! IS THAT YOU??? Nice…uhm…tan, yeah that’s it.

  2. Mr. Toast says:

    Hahahaha! No, the orange-haired clown is not me, but the guy circled in the other shot is. And yes, I was a little overweight in that picture, but I’ve lost 40 pounds since then!

  3. Janelle says:

    I swear it looks like you are not wearing a shirt!!!

  4. Mr. Toast says:

    Hmmmm … well, I can understand how it might look that way at first glance, but I am wearing a salmon-colored tee shirt underneath my black jacket. Honest! Click on the picture for the larger version of it, and you can see the wrinkles in the shirt and the collar line more clearly.

    Which isn’t to say that I’ve never gone out in public (un)dressed inappropriately, but that time wasn’t one of ‘em. :^)

  5. Dick Cheney says:

    I was Dutch, too. (Is that ironic?)

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