The view off my front porch

This portion of our vacation is being spent on beautiful Lake Winnepesaukee, New Hampshire. Lake Winnie, as most folks up here call it, is the largest lake in New England and was my favorite spot during many a summer vacation as a boy growing up in Massachusetts. The above photos are of our view fom the front porch of our lakeside efficiency cabin, shortly after we arrived yesterday. You can see the Ossipee range in the foreground, and if you look carefully, the summit of Mount Washington, the highest peak east of the Mississippi, is barely visible in the distance. Today has been spent in total relaxation, sitting out on the deck enjoying this spectacular scenery, and the endless parade of passing boats of all types and sizes; everything from the smallest outboards, to gorgeous sailboats, luxury yachts, cigarette boats and mini-ocean liners like the m/v Mt. Washington, on which we plan to cruise tomorrow. We’re spending most of the week here, and will ramble through Vermont back to my sister’s place this coming weekend.

Not too shabby.

4 Responses to “The view off my front porch”

  1. DogMa says:

    Winnepesaukee…of “What About Bob?” fame?

    Looks Gorgeous. My best friend lives in Laconia. NH sounds like a great place to vist (or live).

    Don’t forget the camera on your boat trip young man!

  2. Mr. Toast says:

    Laconia is right down the street from where we are at the Weirs … I could drop in and say hi for you. :^)

    You’re right, it is very pretty — in the summertime. The reason I left this area years ago was primarily because I got sick of shoveling snow in the winter. Guess I wouldn’t do well in Seattle either, huh?

  3. Chandira says:

    Not too shabby at all.

  4. DogMa says:

    It only snows a wee bit in Seattle…no need to shovel my friend!

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