The Toastcraft has successfully landed.

Here are a few statistics from the Toasted Tour 2006 Road Trip:

Elapsed Time: 44 days, 6 hours
Total miles traveled: 5,538.8
Gas consumed: 250 gallons
Average MPG: 22.1
Highest gas price paid: $3.09 – Kingston, NY
Lowest gas price paid: $2.46 – Gaffney, SC
States visited: 20 (plus District of Columbia)
Speeding tickets: 0
Accidents: 0
Near-misses: 1
Value of memories generated: Priceless

The pilot is a bit pooped at the moment, and will post further debriefing once he regains consciousness.

6 Responses to “Touchdown”

  1. April says:

    BAM!!! Got the first comment in…SECONDS after postage.

    You look pooped! I bet it feels great to be home though. I can’t believe some of those stats! You were gone for HOW LONG?! It doesn’t feel like that for some reason.. then again I wasn’t there with you :) Thanks for all the pics… it was like I got to take a short vacation to the coast… very cool! Now rest up!

  2. bossann says:

    So glad you made it back safely. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us all. What an amazing trip!

  3. Meander says:

    so glad to see you back safe and sound!

  4. Chandira says:

    Glad you made it back with all your bits in tact. :-)

  5. Mr. Toast says:

    Thanks so much for the good wishes. The only down side to the second half of the tour was that I was by myself for most of the time. Being able to share the adventures with you guys made it seem not so lonely.

    Now, if I can only remember how to start blogging regularly again … hmmm, it says “press any key to continue” … where’s the “any” key?

  6. DogMa says:

    I’m so glad you got to do this broham. As a fellow PF’er, I know how precous this trip was. You did it!!!

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