Word Art

I recently discovered an interesting web site that creates posters from images and text. First type in a word or phrase; the generator searches the web for random images based on your words and creates a background from them. Then it places the text, applying random effects to the whole thing. The results don’t make any real sense, but they do look way cool. Here are a few samples I made from the words “Wind In The Wire”:

The site is called “TypoGenerator” – make your own word art here.

2 Responses to “Word Art”

  1. Meander says:

    wow…that is very cool! can you then take those images and use them however you please?

    According to their web site FAQ: “you may use images generated by typoGenerator on private websites, but NOT for any commercial applications.”

  2. Janelle says:

    That is amazing. I will definately be checking it out.

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