I have no rational reason for doing so, but I really want Santa to bring me this for Christmas. I’m not sure why, it’s not something I really need. Although sometimes I take pictures, I’m not a “photographer” by any stretch of the imagination. I hardly use the camera I already have, a Canon PowerShot A60. This would be like giving an F-16 to the pilot of a Piper Cub.

The Digital Rebel XT costs as much as some used cars, or, as Mrs. Toast will be quick to point out, a new washer and dryer (which we do, in fact, need). There are so many more sensible ways to spend the big-ticket bucks this thing costs.

You may notice that I am trying to talk myself out of this. It’s not working.

6 Responses to “Gadgetlust”

  1. Sphincter says:

    Clean clothes are SO overrated. I vote for the camera. (Please don’t give Mrs. Toast my blog address.)

  2. Vanessa says:

    Just to let you know, Staples, at least the one here in Tennessee, has the Rebel XT on clearance for somewhere in the low $700s.. I bought an original Rebel on ebay for $465 a few weeks ago and I love it. Good luck on getting the Rebel XT.

  3. SupaCoo says:

    I was thinking – with a really kickass camera you could just take pictures of your clothes and then see if they were really dirty or not. I mean, the smallest speck would show up, and then you could just spot clean it. Why waste all of that water and kill the environment anyway?

  4. Mr. Toast says:

    You know, Supacoo, I really like your way of thinking.

    Have you considered government work?

  5. SupaCoo says:

    I’m for the environment, so that being said, NO, I haven’t considered government work. :)

  6. Mrs. Toast says:

    Screw the camera and the washer/dryer. I want a big-screen TV.

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