Happy HNT!

In reading other people’s blogs on this site, I’ve discovered something called “Half-Nekkid Thursday“. The premise is that every Thursday, you post a picture either of yourself or a photo you have taken of someone else that reveals some skin. Therefore, in the spirit of communal blogginess, here’s my first contribution to HNT:

Pretty scary, huh? Now, some people who are not familiar with HNT may confuse “nekkid” with “sex”. This is a total misconception. If you get even slightly aroused by this shot of my size 15 clodhoppers, you need some serious psychiatric help. The fun is in seeing how interesting and creative folks can be. Sorry my pic is neither, but hey – you’ve got to start somewhere.

Oh, and to momentarily change the subject, I’ve got just one word to say regarding the Houston Astros: “choke”.

Happy HNT, y’all!!

6 Responses to “Happy HNT!”

  1. Brandi says:

    Love it! I’m in! I’ll be looking forward to future posts lol!

  2. Mr. Toast says:

    You’re “in”? So then I presume this means you’ll be posting HNT photos on your site too? Great! You think tongues are wagging in your small town now, just wait until the local gossips see pictures of your, er, kneecaps on the Internet. I can hear them now … “has she no shame???” Hah!

  3. Brandi says:

    Yes, that means I will post photos, trying to think of my first one now! You are right, can’t wait to hear what they say lol!

  4. Karen says:

    this is a great idea :) i think i will start now, i must add more interesting stuff to my depressing blog!!

  5. April says:

    I LOVE that idea! Very nice feet btw! (okay I only said that to make you feel good about your feet) Love your site, your funny! you know in that good way, not weird way :)

  6. Mr. Toast says:

    Thanks, April! Actually, more than a few people would probably tell you that I’m “funny” in a weird way too. But I do feel pretty good about my feet. It’s the rest of me I’m worried about…

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