Secret agents wanted

Are you a thrillseeker? Fancy yourself as the next James Bond? The C.I.A. would like to talk to you. The agency is actively recruiting new employees, and has hired a PR firm to jazz up its image, including TV ads on the Discovery Channel. It also created this Personality Quiz on the CIA’s website, where you can determine for yourself if you’re potential spook material. The tongue-in-cheek quiz is designed to encourage job applications while dispelling some of the myths and preconceptions some people might have about working for “The Firm”. For example: “Myth #2: Everyone Drives a Sports Car with Machine Guns in the Tailpipes. Car chases through the alleyways of a foreign city are common on TV, but they’re not what a CIA career is about. And, they don’t compare with the reality of being part of worldwide intelligence operations supporting a global mission.”

According to my results, I am an “Impressive Mastermind”. I have no idea what this means, but it certainly sounds cool, so I may have to consider a second career with the CIA. Maybe I’ll get to wear a tuxedo to work while I sip on a dry martini, shaken, not stirred. The name’s Toast. Mister Toast.

5 Responses to “Secret agents wanted”

  1. Sphincter says:

    I’m sure Mrs Toast has told you this, but the CIA is always trying to recruit librarians.

  2. SupaCoo says:

    I’m a Thoughtful Observer. It seems like they could have spiced that up a bit and made me an Oracle or maybe just said “We have never encountered anyone quite like you. Please come work for us. You’re brilliant and witty and we need you in the CIA. Is $1M annually enough?”

    I’m sure that’s what Sphincter’s results said.

  3. Mr. Toast says:

    Somehow, I suspect that this blog may be on some top-secret CIA “subversive individual watch list”, and the chances of me getting a job with any government agency are about as good as Janet Reno being featured in a Penthouse spread.

  4. nicole says:

    Hey hey! Thanks for the comment–yay randomizer!

    I’m also an “Impressive Mastermind.” So you responded that you’d like to shop on Rodeo Drive and buy a designer wardrobe in Europe too?! Cool!

    Who knew the CIA funded shopping trips? And I’m not even American! What a nice, friendly group of secret operatives.

  5. bossann says:

    I’m a Daring Thrill-Seeker…never would have guessed, would you? ROFLOL!!! Of course, I’m thinking that this is totally random since I, too, picked shopping on Rodeo and European wardrobes! Thanks for the grin!

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