Mmmm … shiny

Guess what? My new laptop is here already!

Amazing … I placed the order with Circuit City late Monday afternoon, and it was delivered Wednesday morning. Now this is how to do business, Staples! You could use a few pointers from these guys.

This computer ramps up my previous Dell Inspiron laptop experience by a factor of four; 4x the memory, 4x as fast, 4x the hard drive space, and the built-in WiFi has 4x the bandwidth of my old 802.11b. I’ve spent most of the day today de-crapifying it, removing several gigabytes worth of adware, games, trial-and-demo programs, and other junk that you’ll find preinstalled on any new computer. As I install my own familiar applications and tools, it’s slowly starting to feel like “home” to me, although I plan to wait to really load it up until I get the Windows Vista upgrade. One of the reasons I was anxious to buy this machine before January 30th is that I did not want the new o/s preinstalled on it. With less than a week to go before Vista officially launches, there’s still considerable debate in the tech community about just how stable it is, although newer machines with plenty of muscle reportedly should work fine. It will be older computers that are underpowered by Vista’s hefty hardware requirements (especially for the new “Aero” graphical interface – screen shot, right) that may have problems. But by by buying this PC now I effectively get two systems for the price of one; it came with the trusty XP Media Center edition, and I’ll get Vista when the upgrade CD arrives in a few weeks. If for whatever reason I decide I really don’t care for Vista, or if it’s incompatible with any of my favorite apps, I can easily roll it back to XP; I wouldn’t have that option if I’d waited until next month.

More Vista reports to follow.

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