This is just wrong

Yep, it’s for real … this was in a catalog from a company that sells high-quality tools and woodworking supplies to home craftsmen. Their customers tend to be the kind of people who custom-build their own furniture and have a shop full of power tools and equipment worth five figures or more. Some of these guys take their hobbies pretty seriously.

If I really stretch my imagination, I guess I can see how building a casket for a departed close family member can indeed be the ultimate “personal touch”. And I suppose a psychologist could make a case that doing so could help the survivor to deal with their grief. When someone close to you dies, you feel so helpless; but in this case, here’s one small thing you can still have control over, and that labor of love might help bring closure and acceptance.

Nevertheless, I still think a do-it-yourself casket is pretty bizarre.

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