HNT Twofer

Oy, zuch a deal I’ve got for you: not just one but two hot bodies today…

I managed to talk Mrs. Toast into exposing herself (tastefully, of course) for the camera, and hope to coax her into more, er, compromising positions in future weeks. However, she insisted that I promise to edit the photo to not show her knees. Can someone explain the logic behind this for me? Do you other ladies have a “thing” about your knees? Ah, yet another mystery of the fairer sex. She didn’t seem to mind revealing her blackened left big-toe nail — the unfortunate result of an object being dropped on her foot — although I’m certain she’ll now be pissed at me for pointing this out to everyone. :^)

OK fellow bloggers, it’s time to whip it out (your camera, that is) and post your own HNT pics. No more excuses!!

One Response to “HNT Twofer”

  1. April says:


    (thats my porno music playing in the background while looking at you and youre wife’s bare legs…


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