In Italy, the pigeons are lovely this time of year

Good news, folks: I survived ten days of bachelorhood, as Mrs. Toast has returned from her trip to Venice. Here’s just a few random photos of the scenic beauty she enjoyed while there:

Um, are you sensing a theme here?

It is a fact that Venice is ever-so-slowly-but-surely sinking into the sea, and from what I can tell from her photos this must be due to the tons of pigeon poop that accumulates every year in the Piazza San Marco.

I think there are a couple of other photos on her digital camera that are not of pigeons, and I’ll try to pull out and post a couple of them soon. In the meantime, here’s one shot taken in London’s Gatwick airport that is sure to make Chandira homesick:

In case you’re wondering, the reason she took this picture is because she knows that I sho’nuff do loves me some o’dat Walker’s pure butter shortbread. Mmmmmm, yes. And there’s nary a pigeon to be seen.

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