Feeling Ducky

Gah … I don’t know what the heck has happened to me, can it really be that I haven’t posted a blog entry in nearly three weeks now? I hope I remember how. Where’s the “any” key I’m supposed to press again?

But even though my output has been less than stellar lately, I’ve still been visiting my Blog Buddies and trying to stay in touch with what y’all are up to. So let me say Happy Birthday to little Aiden O’Brien who is celebrating his big first birthday along with his family today! Yay!

I also received email this week from a young man by the name of Aaron Johnson, who despite being a fine cartoonist, is obviously deranged because he happened to mention in his message that he actually enjoys reading this here blog. (I presume that means “when I get off my lazy ass and actually write something in it”.) I am shocked! As further proof that Aaron’s bizarre sense of ironic humor and sarcasm closely matches my own, he sent me a link to his web site. Now if you’re one of the so-called “normal” people, you probably think there is no daily comic strip to be found anywhere in the civilized world that draws a spot-on parody of the wild and wacky, fun-filled, rock-em-sock-em world of the Professional Photographer, AND features a picture-snapping duck as its main protagonist.

Well my friend, you would be wrong.

This man has got the camera angst nailed, people. And because the day is close at hand, here’s his tender look at the joyous Christmas holiday from the perspective of a portrait photographer:

These are just a few samples. You’ll find over 300 of the strips archived for easy free viewing on his site, and nearly all of them are very clever if not downright freakin’ hilarious. What I find especially refreshing is that unlike many artists who feel they need to put virtual locks and chains on their work, Aaron magnanimously welcomes viewers to “link, post, copy/paste, or save the strips to their own sites, blogs, forums, newsletters, etc.” Whether or not you take photos professionally, for fun, or have a cardboard sign reading “Will Shoot 4 Food”, you’ll get a kick out of What The Duck. Check it out if you get a chance. Tell him Mr. Toast sent you.

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