Fun with Fotos, part 2

I don’t have anything particular to blog about today, so I thought I’d post a few funny photos I’ve collected over the last several weeks. This first one goes back more than a month, but I think these have got to be two of the best halloween costumes I’ve ever seen:

Does anyone else see Jesus in this spilled coffee?

One thing you gotta say about Rednecks, they are resourceful. Just because you don’t have an auto lift handy shouldn’t stop you from working on the underside of your pickup truck:

Do you think this is a “gay” cruise ship?

Grandpa went fishing and caught a big one, but forgot to put away his worm:

It’s shocking that “forbidden Love” apparently exists in the animal kingdom as well as on TV soap operas:

And while we’re on the subject of cats, I love this animated gif:

That’s all for now — watch for more Funny Fotos to become a regular feature of this blog!

One Response to “Fun with Fotos, part 2”

  1. April says:

    LMFAO! I love that elephant! Those are brave souls, I tell ya, I’d never do anything like that!

    The Grandpa penis looks faked, but funny non the less! IF it is real, who would take that picture! Wouldn’t you say “hey dad, your dick is hangin’ out”

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