Crash and burn

Well my weekend was going very nicely until about 8 PM Sunday night, when my main system computer decided to go El Crap-O on me. Yes, my poor C:\ drive is just freaking … gone. Gone! The drive makes this pathetic clicking noise when it tries to boot, so I know it’s history. The good news: I have an image backup of the disk partition, so I can restore it once I get a new drive without having to reinstall Windows from scratch. The bad news: I made this backup well over a year ago. Expect much gnashing of teeth and cursing here at Chez Toast over the next week or two.

So looks like I’ll be using my laptop for a while until I’m able to get things back to semi-normal. But let this little tale of misfortune serve as an inspiration to you, people – remember that HARD DRIVES DO FAIL! MAKE BACKUPS AND KEEP THEM UP TO DATE!!

OK, on a lighter note, from now on you can just call me “Ivan”.

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Ivan Valentine

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And yes, in case you’re wondering, that is in fact an actual picture of me above. It was taken just the other day by … my wife … uh … Morgan Fairchild! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Yeah, you betcha!

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