Naughty but nice?

I made it back safely from San Antone with a newfound appreciation both for Texas history, and for the role of Librarians in today’s society – but that’s a “serious” topic for a later post. In other more mundane developments, I received an odd e-mail while I was away. I should mention that this was not spam, but came from a Real Person who actually knows me:

Valentines Day Idea

“Valentines day is upon us – so, why not find out if your love life is “Hot Stuff” or “Cold Fish.” with this LOVE TESTER KIT! Lots of fun to play with and a great party game! Press button and watch a roving flashing light, exotic sound, and finally stop on a statement. Learn about LEDs, ring counters, ceramic speakers and much more.”

I’m not sure which is more disturbing: (a) the fact that someone obviously must think I possess whatever quirky combination of gadget-freakiness and starry-eyed romanticism that would interest me in such an item, or (b) that I am seriously considering purchasing it.

Either way, this is just wrong on so many levels.

2 Responses to “Naughty but nice?”

  1. Dick Cheney says:

    Most liberians–Curse their national security threatening souls!–can hit “red hot” using only their mental powers (and they have to be stopped–dammit!)

  2. glen says:


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